[WTS]Msi Dragon Edition 2 Laptop For Sale

 Looking to sell this rock star notebook. Haven't really pushed it that much since I got it. Only used for trying to get into video editing and some light gaming. Pretty sure its the same model that Qain uses :) 

 Model # GT70 20D 040US

 Core I7 4700MQ (Haswell) 

 32Gb DDR3 

 3 X 128Gb SSD in raid 

 1Tb Hard Drive

 GTX 780M 4Gb GDDR5

 17.3" Full HD Anti Glare Screen 

 Blu Ray Writer / Dvd RW Drive

 Killer Nic / Killer Wifi aka Killer Double Shot

 Ridiculously loud Dynaudio speakers with sub

 Windows 8 (ugh)

photo unnamed_zpsd194a49e.jpg


 Has way too many features to list on here. You can always look up the specs and go through it yourself. This particular model still goes for around $2800. I'm sad to see it go, but I'm looking for $2200, and I'm sure if your state side we can work out a deal for shipping (I'm Canadian we are flexible)   

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Grtz Angel ☺

Think this should do it. Sorry for the cell phone pic.

checked thank you ☺

This laptop is definitely a desktop replacement-level laptop. How are the temps on it?

pretty good. gpu round the 80 mark cpu 48-50ish under load. still pretty good though.