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[WTS] Mobo, Water Cooler, RAM [SOLD]


2x4gb HyperX DDR3 - 25$

AMD fx-6300 - 60$

Gigabyte 990fx-ud3 rev 3 - 65$

Coarsair H105 - 75$

Will listen to offers, got the 6300 up to 4.6 with the watercooler and mobo combo.


I’d love to buy the Ram at that price, however my location is Brisbane - Australia, so check if shipping cost is prohibitive to put them in a normal padded envelope to a 4067 post code.


Unfortunately it would be 35$ to ship it there. Unless you are willing to cover shipping (Dont do that lol), I cant get it to you.


Fair enough, thanks for looking.




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One more bump before putting stuff on ebay


Where are you located? I am in Montana and would like to know shipping costs


I am in indiana. DM me a zip code and I can check it out.


@Cloudgaming12 Do you still have the RAM up for sale? Very interested in it.


Would you take 50$ for the 6300? I’m in Michigan.


Sorry guys I have been really busy with finals, I will get back with @KemoKa73 about the ram and @Ramiel after I talk to @TNB to see what he was interested in because he responded first.


All items have been sold, this post can be closed.


Since op has stated all items have been sold and thread can be closed, then this thread is now closed.