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[WTS] Misc Computer Parts [US]

just the chassis i got a system just looking for a cheap open plan chassis like that it’s really not that expensive could probably find similar cheaper
Is my go to

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ah looked 3u from pics sorry couldn’t tell it was 2u too short sorry
thanks anyways have this one it’s pretty open

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thanks <3

Bumpy bump

PMing you about your DDR4 RAM.

Sale Pending on DDR4

i would like to purchase the ceton card. Can you give me the total with shipping to 28056 zip? I am new to this forum, what is the payment procedure, Paypal?

I’m a little worried about the transaction, trying to figure out the best way to protect myself but shipping should be around $8

DDR4 and Ceton sold

Bump some good items still available


Added my R5 1600 (in picture with am4 mobo) adjusted some prices

Interested in the minipc but I need to wait on it fol now xD

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Hello - a friend of mine let me know about the sale. I’m interested in the Ryzen 5 1600. How much for shipping, and how should I proceed? Does this forum support private messaging?

PM sent

Ceton card arrived today, all installed, and everything is working great. Thanks