[WTS] Misc Computer Parts [SOLD]

Cleaning up the spare parts area, and passing some good deal on to you guys.
Note: Prices don’t include shipping (Shipping US is $8-$20) Prices are OBO

Sold Items:
AMD A10 7850k 4+8 (stock cooler)
ASRock Fatal1ty FM2A88X+
DDR3 1866 4x4gb
Combo $100
- Sold: Theonewhoisdrunk
2x4gb DDR4 2400 Team Group - $30 - Sold Phantom
Ceton InfiniTV6 PCIe 6 Channel Cable Card Tuner - $35 - Sold jatiddy
R5 1600 - $75 - Sold to odigity
MSI Armor GTX 970 $70 - Sold Adubs
NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900(R7000) -$30 - sold w.meri
MSI Z170 SLI Plus, Intel i3-6100 - $37.50 sold TNB
PNY 750Ti - $20 sold Jake1402
Asus HD7790 DC2OC 1gd5 sold Theonewhoisdrunk
HSYPC Z83V Mini PCsold Theonewhoisdrunk
Asus PCEAC65 3x3 $20 sold TNB

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I am definitely interested in that AMD combo. Want to build my nephew a PC.

Shipping would prob be around $17 if I remember correctly. Need to check USPS flat rate boxes again.

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Is the ram and storage upgradable? Also what Os do you have loaded on it?

Intel Atom x5-Z8350 Quad-Core up to 1.92 GHz, 2GB/32GB
I dont believe so its emmc internal storage and ram is soldered on

I think i has windows on it havent booted it for quite some time, would not really recommend windows with it tho.

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Amd combo sold, still plenty of fun stuff (the i3 makes a good pfsense box)

Do you by chance have any 8gb sticks of ddr3/L?

biggest i got sitting around is 4gb

1st box shipped. Buy my stuff

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If no one bites on that 970 I will probably pick that up in a week or two :slight_smile:
But looking at the picture there is two 8 pins or an 8 pin and a 6 pin. My spare PSU only has a single 8 pin. Could also be jank an go molex to 8 pin.

It’s dual 6 pin (honestly should run fine off 1 6pin as it’s not that much power draw.) Remember 970 is 3.5gb

GPU is rated like 150w. Pcie bus can do 75w and each 6 pin is 75w

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Oooh… $75 for a 970? SLI is surprisingly tempting

I price to move products


I’ll pass, but I’ll bookmark this and come back on the first when I get paid again if it’s still available.

Bump *rings deal bell


Good stuff!
Just got done testing hardware for the AMD bundle. All green!

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is available if so price? cause its more the chassis im after if you can sell separate?

picture is the z170/i3 6100 I guess I could ship the chassis if you want it but its kinda ghetto rigged. Nic wasnt for sale but if you want it i can prob let it go for cheaps.