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[WTS] Mcclurken's Gear Sale

I have too much stuff. I hope some of these items are of interest here. Not completely opposed to international shipping but will have to be case-by-case. Local pickup considered despite the plague.

Supermicro X8DTE with 2xIntel X5650 80GB DDR3 Reg. ECC and Noctua coolers
The motherboard, both CPUs, coolers, memory and IO plate included. The case, cables and power supply are not. But if you need some SATA cables I can throw some in but only if you ask. I used this as a Freenas server some years ago until I realized it was way overkill for my needs. It sits unused most of the time. I’d rather pass this on to another nerd tinkerer than put it on ebay or part it out. You need a power supply that can support 2 CPU. If you can’t find one then it will run with just one CPU, just remove one. Offers considered, thinking $200. We will have to figure out shipping on this, maybe split it.

The Mac mini and the Razer Core X have been sold.


You don’t happen to play guitar do ya? i’m interested in the xeon but I’m prohibitively poor, but I do have a lot of guitar gear.

Sorry, I didn’t get an email notification and I haven’t been checking in lately due to my workload. I do play guitar, actually, though not much lately. I don’t need this Xeon system anymore and it is taking up a good chunk of space in my small house. If you’re really interested I’m sure we can work something out. What did you have in mind?