[WTS] LTI Ships Star Citizen

HI there,

First of all, I apologyze for my poor english. This is not my mother language, and I will try to do my best.


I have several ships for the gorgeous game Star Citizen. These ships are all LTI, Lifetime insurance (no longer available for purchase), and if you check the prices in ebay (for example), you will find mine very affordable. Instead photos, I will post images and links to the RSI main web where you can see each article separated.

As you can see, Star Citizen is one of the more awesome games being developted at this moments, with more than 34 millions $ pledged to the date all from the users (no big company is inside). They are an example of HOW must do and develop a video-game and the community is huge.

My ships, as I told, has Lifetime Insurance. This is an insurance for your ship and when you are down in the game, you get the ship as new, for all your life!! This is no longer available for new buyers, so the LTI is very much apreciatted in the comunity.

If you play the game without LTI, each time you lose your ship you will have to pay to recover it.

You have to know that these are digital and virtual items!



Before I post the ships, you have to know that there are two item classes. First is the "package", with this you get full access to the game. The second is the "ship", that only include a ship for your use in the game, you need at least one package to play the game.



All payments are done by Paypal (as gift), and the buyer pays the fees.

It is true you don't know me, but this is a trust sell, I have done several trades along the world with ships of Star Citizen, and I never have had any problem.

Of course I appreciate if you post, after a correct transaction, a message in this topic.



When you are interested in a ship or package, you just send me a PM or email.

I give you my paypal account and you send me the money and pay he fees. The buyer uses “gift” option in PayPal to pay the paypal fees and MUST put the below comment in the transaction comments otherwise payment will be refused.

“I will not dispute or charge-back this exchange of money”

When I confirm that the money is transferred, I send to your RSI account a "gift" with the ship you have bought. You get an email confirming the gift, just follow the link provided and you will see your new and awesome ship/package in your hangar.



I will be updating this topic each time I sold or I get new ships. Feel free to ask me about ships I don't have in stock, because I can find them and bring them to you. 


6. FAQ

Why do you sell ships/packages?

I want to get some funds to buy more ítems for my own in the game. So all the benefits will repercute directly in the game.


How can I trust you?

I have done several trades, and I get more benefits if I am legal than tryin to lie you. If I make succesfull trades with you, more people will trust me and more transactions will be done.

Also I have an account in reddit, the bigger marketplace.

My account is kane_reddit, and here is the link to the reputation thread.

And here my presentation as Trader.

My last transaction (where I have sold the LTI Pirate)


Why are the prices increased?

The LTI is a very appreciated item and it is no longer available. So it increase the prices in the ships where is included.


Why paypal?

Because it is the faster and safer way. And the fees paid by paypal are smaller than international money transfer.


Do you buy ships / packages?

Of course, send me a private message and we can talk about the prices.


Do you want to exchange ships?

Yes, I do it too. If you have a package that you don't like anymore, and want one of mine, send me a message and we can talk about the terms.




Click the image to enlarge

LTI Avenger. $110 Only the ship. It includes LTI. Information Link. (the ship of the link HAS NOT LTI)




Click the image to enlarge

LTI 325A. $110  Only the ship. It includes LTI. Information Link. (the ship of the link HAS NOT LTI)




Click the image to enlarge

LTI Digital Weekend Warrior LTI. $250  This is a full and limited package, no longer available. It include:

F7C-M Super Hornet- Anvil Aerospace (ANVIL). Limited ship, no longer on sale.

Starting Hangar: Business

Starting Money: 5,000 UEC

Lifetime Insurance

Digital Game Soundtrack

Digital Star Map

Digital Squadron 42 Manual

Digital Star Citizen Manual

Beta Access

Alpha Access

Squadron 42 Digital Download

Star Citizen Digital Download

Model II Arclight Sidearm 


All suggestions and questions are welcomed.

Thanks for your time, and hope we can make a lot of transactions.

Move this to BST, and read the BST rules.

To anyone considering this purchase, I adviseagainst gift payments as they are next to impossible to get refunded.

Delete this thread, or your other one.

sounds like a scam.

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As others have said. This post doesn't sound very trustworthy. 

to OP, Pictures must be posted. Read the rules.

If anyone is wanting to buy this, do not use "Gift". 

OP, you have 24 hours to comply with the rules, or the thread will be locked.

Ok, I will add Pictures, I am sorry. 

I have done several transactions and all of them was satisfied and perfect. Even I have to delete the LTI Pirate (just sold a few minutes ago).

I am not trying to disturb you, just want to make some profit to buy more RSI ships for my own fleet.


Pictures added. I am honest and I dont want to lie anyone..

I just want to buy and sell (and trade) ships of Star Citizen. 

And, about the "gift". All Paypal Transactions related to Star Citizen LTI Ships are sent as gifts. It is the usual, because the buyer pays the fees. I understand about you don't trust me, but just give me an opportunity to show you I am honest and I don't want to scamm anybody.

Surely you must understand somebody taking a chance is somebody putting up a lot of money to loose. People who demand paypal gift only before handing over the good or providing the service are off-loading all the risk and taking none. This should be viewed with suspicion by any good consumer.


If you could supply verifiable reviews or feedback that would go a huge way towards building good faith between possible buyers.

I understand it perfectly.

Of course, I have an account in Reddit.

My account is kane_reddit, and here is the link to the reputation thread.

And here my presentation as Trader.

My last transaction (where I have sold the LTI Pirate)

Now I have confirmed by Reddit moderators as Broker (Middleman) and Trader.

Well that sounds far more approachable for people, always good to look into things a bit. I wish you the best of luck.

I don't have the cash right now to even think about star citizen, personally. I was just chiming in.

Thank you Zero_sum!


EDIT: I am going to add these links to the post. It will be helpful.

Thanks for following the rules, and posting reputation. I wish you the best of luck.