[WTS]Loot my mancave ! *Price drop* -EU-

Hi there 

I need to make some space and $$$ , so feel free to loot my cave :


Reusme : 

X79A GD-45


Kraken G10

VRM cooling R9 290 Gelid

270x sapphire 

--1231V3 + H97 + 4GB ram--

R9 290 stock

R9 290 tri X Blackout


MSI X79A GD-45 (8D) http://goo.gl/PGfEsk

used untill last december with 3820 witch was sold .


H55 new openboxed http://imgur.com/ZlXJUVv  http://imgur.com/0QMf8C1

opened to test it , hoses too short for my case .


R9 270x black and white http://imgur.com/n41uIfK http://imgur.com/eOnpvIR http://imgur.com/fLe4oNg

R9 270x with the sapphire cooling . OC edition . http://www.ldlc.be/fiche/PB00154992.html

 Has the see through accents painted white http://imgur.com/eOnpvIR

The back accent is a bit fucked up , as I had lost the original and bought one off ebay , but it was scrached , so the paint when on badly .


Kraken G10's

One white and One black , bought them to use , but nzxt is completely fucked up and in both kits there where bad screws .

One come with all the accessories.


Gelid R9 290 VRM cooling kit http://goo.gl/WE8RQe 

One is unused , the other is used , but has all the stuff to be able to use it .


 Pics will be posted if you ask , as they take a lot of time to make .

I would also like to sell my current pc , as I am dire need for money 

I would be selling : 1231V3 + h97 . You can add : R9 290 (above) / H440 white / RM 1000w / 256gb samsung evo .

I would prefer selling this as a full system .


Shipping : withing belgium : ~15 - 25 € 

EU : contact me and I'l estimate 

US / RU / canada / AUS shipping to you costs ~80€ + so unless you want to pay that mutch , I'm not doing it .

Payment : Paypal only .

 Hope you find what you are looking for !

Does this work with ivy e with a bios flash


You need to flash it though , so you need to find a way to do so ( I think you can usb without cpu on this board ? You probably need a 3xxx cpu to flash it though ).

Doesn't come with I/O shield.

Made post pretty :D

You need photos with ALL items being sold. 

How much do you want for that R9 290 TRIX Blackout ? I live in Germany, so shipping should not  be that expensive. Just tell me a nice price and maybe ill buy it^^

Pictures done :D

It was bought here a mere ~2 months ago http://www.ldlc.be/fiche/PB00159415.html

was on ebay for a while , and a guy proposed 300€ for it , but wanted free shipping to and back if it didn't work , witch told me he was going to send it back for some reason .

300€ + 10€ shipping ? I don't know what a fair price would be , and shipping should be ~22€ tracked so keep that in mind when proposing a price :D

-No longer saved as it has been a week and no contact- 

Best offer for the 290 trix blackout is 300€ + free shipping .

Monday bump :D

how much for the memory stick? cant be THAT much to ship, wrap it in bubble and put it in a manilla envelope.

came from this kit : http://www.caseking.de/shop/catalog/Memory/DDR3-1600/GeIL-EVO-Leggera-Series-DDR3-1600-CL9-8-GB-Kit::19956.html

so cut it in 1/2 .so 35€ plus ~8 shipping ( where are you ? ).

But it will only be able to be sent ~wednesday of next week .

Or I can do a deal , get it for 30 if you buy something else for over 100€ ( h100i , 270x , 290 , x79 or other )


I really want to sell the mobo and R9 290's , willing to do a good deal if you buy both 290's / 290 and mobo .

I would like to bargain for the X79 .


I'd almost certainly buy something, but I don't want to deal with shipping across the Atlantic, sorry. Good luck though! The 290 you painted looks awesome/

Yup , I checked , and shipping to asia / america's is like ~80€ , so unless you buy both 290's or something like that worth over 600€ , it wouldn't be worth it.

Bumpy bump 

It would be three weeks for me to get the cash, but should the deal be around then. I would be in the market for one of the 290's

Don't specifically save it. If someone stumps up the cash go for it. but if they are still around by then I am game.

Ok , The yellow one ?

If so , what price ?

Would 310€ shipped seem correct ?

Sounds perfect. Yes the yellow one. All going well I will get back to you on the 14th/October. But like I said. If someone come up with the cash first don't wait around.

EDIT: Just for shipping cost calculation I live in Ireland.

EDIT: Spelling.

Email sent.

It will be kept , but I would like for you to confirm the buy .

Yeah my email seems not to be sending, the second one anyway. I can say i will buy the card for sure now. Just check my money and I can do it. Still going to be in a couple of weeks.