[WTS] Lenovo thinkpad i7(IvyBridge) 8GB RAM

Like New (approx 10 months of use)

Lenovo Thinkpad Twist
Quad Core i7-3517U CPU (ivy bridge) integrated intel HD4000 graphics
Windows 8.1 Pro
Supports Virtulization
300GB HDD (Could be swapped for SSD or your own HDD)

12.5'' touch screen
Folds into a tablet.

Nothing wrong with it at all. Was my personal machine when I was a contractor. Now a FTE and they gave me a new Thinkpad for work, would just like the money for vacation or maybe a new iPad :) paid a little over a grand for it new.

Solid little portable workstation. Have hooked it up to external monitor for productivity. intel HD4000 integrated graphics can handle any external monitor no problem via mini Display Port or mini HDMI.

Has full size RJ45 (ethernet) jack despite being an ultrabook.

Asking $650. Adding image of my new thinkpad to show that I am being honest, I have no need for two work laptops at all.

***It's the one on the right***

And in case anyone was wondering if it plays games, yes. You're not gonna really be able to play BF4 or anything like that but it plays Civilizations V fine on low/medium settings (plus touch screen mode which is pretty cool). It's okay for stuff like that just wasn't built to be a gaming machine.