[WTS] Keyboards: Adesso MKB-135B, Ducky One [Sold], CM Masterkeys S

I’ve been hauling these keyboards around without using them for awhile, so I think it’s time I find a better home for them.

Keyboard Switches Pictures Price
Ducky One, black, full size Cherry MX White Album $30 sold off-site
Cooler Master Masterkeys S Cherry MX Brown Album $20
Adesso MKB-135B Cherry MX Blue Album $10

Bulk pricing is available: buy two and I’ll knock $10 off the price, buy all three and I’ll knock $20 off.

Note that these prices do not include shipping.

If you’re near Charlotte, NC, local pickup is available. Otherwise, I’ll ship anywhere UPS delivers, including internationally.

Condition of the keyboards:

  • Adesso:
    • No RGB or LEDs (besides lock lights)
    • Was used by my father for several years and could use some cleaning
    • USB hub tested and confirmed working
    • PS/2 converter works (and is actually good, it’s not like those awful ones that drop out every few minutes)
    • I did not test the audio passthrough
    • Does not have original box
  • Cooler Master:
    • No RGB or LEDs (besides lock lights)
    • Purchased this used and used it as my daily driver for about a year
    • I think it still has all of its original accessories, but I’m not totally sure
    • Has original box, which is in excellent condition but still has the shipping label from the original purchase
  • Ducky:
    • Has white LEDs, which were tested and confirmed working
    • Purchased to use with a KVM switch but it required too much power, so I used it for less than an hour before putting it back into its box for the next two years
    • Includes all original packaging and accessories
    • Box is a little rough around the edges (shelf wear) but is otherwise in excellent condition

All keys were tested for basic functionality using Keyboard Tester. Any more advanced functionality (like Ducky’s macro functions) were not tested.

If you have any questions about these keyboards, feel free to ask.

Just a head’s up, the imgur links don’t go to the correct line item. (Ducky and Adesso are swapped)

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Thanks, fixed!

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you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I’ll take the lot, just had another take a non-revcoverable drink. Pack tight and ship to NY, let me know how to proceed.

I apologize, I actually sold the Ducky One off-site (I forgot to update the OP, I’ll do so now).

If you want the other two, they’re still available, $20 for both. (I’ll need a zip code to get a shipping estimate. Feel free to PM me that info if you’re still interested.)

No problem, the ducky was the prize and the others as spares or headless maintenance or travel. I’ll pass on this one.