[WTS] Kailh Speed Switches and Springs

Everything is brand new, never seen solder.

120x Kailh Bronze with stock springs - $32 + shipping

150x Kailh Copper with 67g gold plated springs installed - $47 + shipping
Does not come with stock springs

150x 80g gold plated springs - $14 + shipping
Subtract $2 if you’re buying with either of the switch bags.

And one last picture because I was an idiot and forgot to get my username in there in the initial pictures.

What are the bumps like on those two? Are either of them like a tactile clear or are they like browns.

I’d say they’re a little more unique.

The Coppers are tactile right at the top of the stroke, there is very little pretravel. I’d almost say it’s tactile/linear hybrid, because the first 1/3 of travel has the tactile bump, the last 2/3 is completely linear. The tactile bump is distinct, but pretty smooth.

The Bronze are different too because their clickyness comes from a second spring, not from any sliders like Cherry. They have some pretravel, and their click is very distinct and crisp. Pretty loud too. The slider is actually smooth, so the tactility comes from that second spring as well, although the tactile bump is pretty tame. Oh, and it clicks both on the downstroke and the upstroke.

I am definitely interested in the Springs, what would shipping to Ireland look like?

I like the idea of those clicky switches, I was looking into them last night. I have never been a fan of a full board of clicky switches but I do have a tester with a green and blue that I love messing with. I like the click on the Bronze switches, I saw them in BOX whites too, I would love to try them but I don’t really have a home form them, many potential projects but none right now.