(WTS)Intel Xeon W3550 LGA 1366

Hey guys i just ordered a new processor for my server and i was wondering if someone wants to buy my old one. 

it will just be the processor only.

it is a 3.33GHZ quad core with hyper threading 


i don't want to take it out of my server till the new one gets here, so i hope that this will do


Shipping in the us is free, int is offered, but you pay


Pm me if you have any questions

Post or PM offers. 


Any ideas what 1366 motherboards will support this CPU? 

well my motherboard is x58, but it should support all of them, at least that is what it said on their website 

i checked the website and all it had was X58 only. but check your mb vendor's website. they could have added support of it.

I am going to check around to see if I can find a decent cheap board that will run it. Any idea on what you were looking to sell it for?

How much are you askin?

throw out a price, ill sell it to the highest offer when i confirm that my new processor works with my server.

im looking for about 50+ 

Oh, I'll pass then. Hoping to get it for the same price I found somewhere else bcecause I'll trust people ehre before there.

OP, can you mend your post so that you have the picture of the actual item, apart from only the screenshots, as per the rules? I'll give you 48 hours.

I can  pay you a couple of cents. I'm poor as dirt