[WTS] i5-3570k & ASUS P8Z77-V LK


Trying to sell my 3570k & P8Z77-V LK as I'd like to downsize to ITX and can't seem to get my hands on a Z77 ITX, so I figure I'm going to have to jump up to something Z87/97. I'm in Canada but am comfortable shipping worldwide and will accept payment in the form of paypal or interac e-transfer. Looking to get $280+shipping. The i5 was never overclocked and these components were only used for about a month on and off because of some GPU issues. These were purchased around 1 year ago and there is around 2 years 4 months warranty left on the mobo.


(Photos inbound)

Turns out the P8Z77-V LK has a bad ram slot and needs to be sent in. The CPU, however, has been tested and works like a charm. I'll be RMA'ing and (likely) selling what comes back.


Photo of the i5-3570k:

Dude , you can get all that new for 280 + shipping ... maybe sell the 3570k for 160 and the mobo for 80 ?

I'd let the 3570k go for $180 CAD + Shipping (~$10 via Canada Post)

I'd sell the mobo for $85 CAD + Shipping (Once I process the RMA)

I'm talking in Canadian dollars, not US dollars, which makes my prices ~12% cheaper than they actually are (assuming you're in the US).



I can sell my Kaveri A10-7700K to you FM2 is great for an itx build 

I am asking $120

Is this still available ROK?


maybe better send him a pm.  about it ☺