[WTS]High end gaming PC ! -EU-

Hello :D

I'm selling my gaming pc !

It has been continually upgraded since it was built , in 2013 , and since then has been completely changed .

Specs :


asus H97 plus

R9 290 Tri X blackout

R9 290 Club 3D

Corsair RM 1000w

Samsung 840 evo 256GB ssd


noctua NF-F12 for the H55


4GB gelil 1600MHZ + 8GB corsair 1600mhz ( 12GB RAM )

A 160gb HDD

Acer 120HZ 3D screen


So , the full price is 1450€ , Screen + PC .

Everything works perfectly , the 290's scream in any game , and the 1231V3 hauls ass too .

The only problem is the screen , after long usage , or when it gets hot , the screen coil whines on black (eg the forums ) , but it can be fixed by running at 110HZ , comes with 3D vison glasses .

It comes with win 7 pro 64 , and all drivers installed .

I have removed rear IO led's , but can put them back .


Now , a few options , you can :

Add a 1.5 tb hdd for 35€

Add watercooling for the second 290 ( the stock one ) , but I can't install it for you , as the hoses for the H55 don't reach any good fan positions , so you will have to ghetto mount it , for 80€ (essentially putting the cpu cooler on the gpu )

Remove the noctua's on the H55 ; -20€ , so you have 1 Stock fan or or add 2 more af 120's for 10€ .

Remove SSD for -100€ ( BUT you will not have windows pro X64 )


All payments are done via paypal , I live in brussels , so pickup if you wish , or I can send it if you pay transport .

I'm just putting this out there , not looking to make a quick sale , I want the full amount .


 If you are interested , contact me ! I'm not going to be looking at this thread every day ...




Full gallery : http://imgur.com/a/3vvbr

nice cabling from what I can see. Looks like a pretty cool rig! GLWS

I actually cleaned it up more after pics , I'l post an updated pic with the H55 , and I'l sleeve the cables for the GPU white , IMHO it will look a lot better .

are you going to make a new rig

Depends , I need to save up for other things ( school , a laptop , a form of transport ( lol ) ) , so I'l probably build a rig with leftovers , I already have a X79 board , 4GB ram , a 270x and EVGA supernova .