WTS HD 7950 and Seasonic 80+ gold 650w

Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 Dual-X. Works perfectly without issues and runs very cool. *Reduced price* $115.00


Seasonic SSR-650RM 80+ Gold. 650 watts. Has all wires included. $55.00


Jason, if im not mistaken. You had a AIO water cooler not to long ago for sale up here. Did you sale it already?

is the Seasonic modular/semi-modular? Also, what are we looking at for shipping? If you are in Chicago, can I pick-up?

Yes, I found a buyer at my work place a week ago.

Edit: And I just now remembered you. Terribly sorry, I should have emailed you about it being sold.

It's semi-modular. And I live in Kansas.

If someone wants something, i'll just post it on my amazon account and then you just purchase it right after i do that. We'll let amazon calculate the shipping cost.

Just trying to make it safer and easier.

It's no problem man. lol! I figured you had found a buyer in your personal life and plus you had gotten busy. lol! 

Is the PSU sold? If not then can you link me to your Amazon account?

Message sent on PSU, if available

Will take both off your hands for $150.