[wts] gaming rig for sale-$600

Hey guys. Due to my circumstances I have to sell my gaming computer. Here is the intire build and peripherals I am including:


Case- Fractal Design Define R4 Pearl White w/ a personally designed and painted Red Dragon.

Motherboard- 970A-G46

CPU- AMD FX 6350

RAM- Mushkin Blackline 8gb

GPU- MSI Hawk GTX 760 w/ 2gb GDDR5

PSU- Corsair CX750 80plus Bronze

Monitor- LG Flatron 22EN43 22" LED

Mouse- Steelseries Diablo3 Gaming Mouse

Keyboard- cheap ONN keyboard. Tell me if you want this or not.


I also have the original packaging for most of it except the monitor and the case. I will be including the box for the GPU for safety during shipping purposes but if you want the rest just tell me and I'll throw them in with it. I am asking $600. If you are in the continental US I will cover shipping costs. If you are outside the US you will have to also pay for shipping. The red dragon on the side is of my own design so its completely custom. Please PM me if interested and we can talk about specifics(e.g. payment options and shipping) thank you. Edit: Due to yall saying its only worth $500 i knocked it down to $600. I know,i know, its not worth that but  i am proud of this build ok? And come on, the dragons pretty cool. I really wouldent be selling this if i didnt have to.

Hey, I'd really reconsider that price. Everything you listed is hardly worth more than 900 NEW. No disrespect man, but usually people will charge a pretty significant amount less than the price of new parts. 

^^ agreed, I sold an 8350, 8gb, 7970, rig a few months ago for $500 here

Yeah I don't think you could sell it for $900.

$500, maybe.

Worth 500 when you clean it up

I really need to sell this. Someone please help me out

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clean your room, and by the looks of it, not worth $600 after heavy use.

I'll give you $60 for the monitor.


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