[wts] fx8150

Currently, trying to get rid of 2 items I had lying around for a while. Now I did intentionally not yet list the prices. Especially for the Macbook. I´m actually not quite sure what people realistically would be willing to pay for it.


Pretty self explanatory. It´s been sitting in some corner in it´s box collecting dust for I believe 2 years now… It worked before. If someone needs it for some budget build. That´s more use than I have for it. The mainbaord was sold to school friend back then, but he bought a fx8350 with it. The original cooler is in there too, but no thermal pad, because it was used once in my very first custom build. I recommend against using it, because the damn thing get´s loud, but you do you. It sure works.

Mac Book Pro Late 2013 Sold already :open_mouth:

The MacBook was ‘broken’, but somehow now it works again for like the last months after I literally just cleaned the damn thing and I still don´t know why exactly. But sure does.

Specs are as follows

  • Core i5-4258U (2Cores/4Threads) 2.4Ghz(base)-2.90 GHz(turbo)
  • 2x4GB DDR3 @ 1600
  • 256 GB SSD with some special unicorn Apple PCI connector. It isn´t an NVMe drive though (don´t know if we even had those back then). The benchmark I did showed like 600mb/s write and 700mb/s read.
  • Screen 13’ “Retina Display” (2560x1600)

Probably would still be using it. But it didn´t work (didn´t charge) and then I got myself a Dell XPS 13 and so … I really don´t seem to have much use for it anymore. I even brought it to an Apple repair shop back when it “broke” and they where gonna replace literally everything and charge me a XPS 13 for it, so I didn´t do that.

I just bought a screwdriver set a while ago and started to dig around it it and found out that for some reason it now works again. Also did replace the thermal paste with some Noctua one that I use for my Desktop and cleaned it with 95% (I believe that was the number) alcohol the best I could.

Regardless, I´d feel more comfortable to sell it to some more techy person, because it is quite possible that you might at some point have to replace the charging board (since well… it didn´t charge, maybe that is about to go bad, it sure works now, but I´m not wizard, I don´t know that).

I live in Austria. So ofc anything near to it would be more easy to do.

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I´ll took the pictures away for the time being.

I sold the MacBook now for €650 + whatever shipping costs i´ll find out tomorrow. Witch is a bit mind boggeling to me that people jump on it like that. I put it in today for that price thinking “How do people pay €700 for a 3 year old MacBook.” Yet they do with seemingly no second thought on it. I would not pay that much for it, personally.

The FX8150 is still there and I expect that to be a “hard to sell” thing. Since, it has a really bad rep and why would you use it. but maybe for a budget build it makes some amount of sence if you can get your hands on a cheap board. If you need pictures of it, i´ll make them when someone comes around that is interested. It´s not gonna be very interesting pictures. It´s a square, just like any other CPU. But i guess to make sure the pins are straight.