[wts] fx6350 | 990fx-ud3 | 16gb [SOLD]

So in lieu of my impending upgrade to X99 I'll be selling my current parts.

I won't be able to sell these / ship anything until I've upgraded which will be a few weeks to a month.

Items up for sale~

  • AMD FX-6350 (OC'd to 4.6)

  • Gigabyte 990FX-UD3 r3 (box & accessories included)

  • 16GB patriot 1866Mhz, (4x4)

  • Xigmatek Dark Knight Cooler Night Hawk + sp120 4pin fan + Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste tube

make me an offer and I can sell the parts individually

asking price for all parts: $222 Shipped to your door - contiguous 48 states
Type: Paypal (buyer pays fees)

Just to confirm these aren't available?

not yet, im posting now for views but they'll officially be leaving my possession once I stop using them. which will be a few days after my 5930k gets here. Which will be in a few weeks to a month

Interested in the board. I'll reply in more detail when I'm home and off mobile.

I didn't read all. Am interested

Topic updated fan/cooler also for sale

shipping to outside america land an option?