WTS FX-8350 and ASUS M5A99FX Motherboard...also ASUS GTX 770

I just upgraded to a 4790k rig, So this CPU and Mobo are up for sale.


No problems with it.  I play WoW mostly which gets better frames from intel so that was the reason behind the switch.


It was overclocked to about 4.6Ghz for a bit, then backed off to 4.3Ghz just to be on the safe side. Temps were awesome.  WoW ran at about 41 degrees, BF4 ran at about 46 degrees on high settings running over 100 fps.  Prime 95 peaked at about 52 degrees.  Everything looks and runs like new.



asking for $250 shipped OBO,


Also willing to sell my Asus GTX 770 for 190 if interested.


Would you be willing to post pics/specs on the ASUS 770? 

i dont have any pics of it, but it's the ASUS DirectCUII GTX 770 which can be seen here: http://www.asus.com/us/Graphics_Cards/GTX770DC2OC2GD5/


Like new condition...never overclocked.  runs like a champ

Still up for grabs? And I'd also consider the 770, but i need pics. 

Pics of the 770 would be good man, also interested. Congrats on the upgrade, just went to X99 myself, almost wish I went with the 4790k and saved the $$