[WTS] Full WC loop, hard tubing

I'm parting out my loop. It currently consists of the following:

1x HeatKiller CU3.0 LGA 1155 with the stainless backplate - $50 shipped

1x (opened, unused) EK FC680 GTX+ Copper/Plexi (for reference 680 PCB) - $70 shipped

12x Festo 12mm ID push fittings - $2 each, sold in pairs, or $20 shipped for the whole package

2x Bitspower 90 degree Black Sparkle, $5 each, shipped

1x Bitspower D-plug, $2 shipped,

3x XSPC black plugs, $5 for all 3, 

and some random res adapter I have - free?

1x XSPC EX360 rad, $40 shipped - a few bent fins, but completely water tight

1x Swiftech MCP355 (DDC) with Petra's Tech Top and MDPC sleeving, $40 shipped

4x Scythe Gentle Typhoons, 120mm, 1450 RPM - can be sleeved on request with MDPC Shade 19, White, or Color X, $50 shipped for all 4, $15 each, individually. 

1x Excessively large acrylic tube res, $25 shipped

2.5 meters of E22 12/10 clear acrylic tubing and bending tube - how about $30 shipped?

And, if you're lucky, you'll get a fresh tube of PK1 in your order, since I'm feeling generous.

Parting everything out, but would like to not sell fittings unless you buy them all (since shipping would make it pointless).

More pictures can be provided on request; sorry about the quality. It was taken on a, cough, uhh, iPhone 5s, cough. Prices are not firm, so make an offer if you are interested. No trades.


Put me down for the rad, on friday (not tomorrow). Payday. Meh. The thermal compound would be great, too ;) -wink-wink-

I meant rad. rad. give paw the res.

Fuck! If only I hadn't spent $500 on PC parts less than 30 minutes ago...

Is it still mounted to your wall?

I edited. You aren't completely insane yet.

You want the d-plug, too?

I'm not a dear, though. You could always add something else to the purchase to make it worth the PayPal transaction. 

Got the first payment, by the way.

would you trade any of this for 1 year of avg?

Wondering if you still have this, if so I'm interested in everything but the fans and GPU heat sink ! Thanks :D

I'll take the fans & 3 xspc black plugs u still have them?

CPU block, GPU block, a few fans, and push fittings still available. Everything else sold or given away.

Also, Prince Vultan, no.

Curious if you would be willing to ship the GPU Waterblock to canada?