[WTS] evga gtx 780 sc acx

I was running two in SLI before than i upgraded to EVGA 980TI for HDMI 2.0. But it runs great and i never overclocked it. Comes with the retail box. US only. Open to offers.

Does it come with a pin adapter?

yes it does.

I get payed at the end of the month. If not sold by then, would you be willing to accept ~$200? Also, is this US shipping?

Alright sounds good. I would take 200 if you could cover shipping which yes im from Ohio. but i shoulld be moving near the end of the month so ill try to keep active on the thread.

How much would shipping be?

what state are you from>

I forgot to ask, how long has it been used? In it's current state how much longer do you think it will last?

And also, how long will shipping be?

Ive had it for around 2 years but it was un an sli setup so i think that would be less stress on it. Im not real sure how to tell how long it will last i clean my pc regularly. But two day shipping usps priority

What type of payments do you accept?

Mainly paypal becauae it's protects the buyer and seller

Awesome, that's just what I was hoping for. If my items on here sell, I'll definitely buy this!