[WTS] EVGA GTX 770 ACX and i7 3770

I live in Europe and shipping will be with UPS unless you want it delivered by another company. You will pay of course.

The EVGA GTX 770 is a RMA and has not been opened. 


The i7 3770 was bought on October the 2nd 2014 it has been watercooled since i got it. 

There is no picture for this one because it's being used atm.

There is no stock cooler for the i7 so i will be shipping it with another one if you need one. 

Prices are dependant on the prices on eBay.de but we can negotiate. 



Might want to embed the images, link is broken.

I would buy the i7 but I want a picture to confirm its yours first please



I just bought a Pentium G3258 and I'm waiting for it to arrive. If you need a stock cooler i can ship the one from the Pentium :)

how much for the 770? pm me thx

I have sent you the PM. If the price is too high we can negotiate.

i dont see the pm?

Are you sure? 

Try going to My profile and typing in your email there under Edit


weird maybe resend me the pm?

Is the 770 still available?

It sure is :) Although it has been opened. I sold it on eBay but The buyer changed his mind and shipped it back.

Did the buyer take anything from it?

Like accessories?
I made the stupid mistake of shipping it with back with all the accesories. They throw accessories away at the place were they RMA stuff so I don't have any of them anymore. The buyer took nothing. He decided to buy a R9 280 instead as it has 2 6 pins instead of a 6+8pin and his PSU didn't have an 8 pin.. At least that was his reason for returning it.

Do you need any of them?

EDIT : I will have a picture of it up as soon as I get home.

I need the pin adapters as my graphics card does not have the 8-pin.

I have a 2x 6 pin to 8pin adaptor. If you don't have that I can knock 11£ off the price. That should cover a 6 to 8pin adapter.
Where in Europe do you live?

Oh man, I'm sorry. Didn't realize shipping was Europe only. I'm in US.

No problem :)
I would have send you to @Slimsticky's thread but you have already seen it :)