WTS EVGA 980 Kingpin

I have an EVGA 980 Kingpin I would like to sell. This has never been taken apart to be put on water or anything and I've only had slight overclocks that didn't require an increase of voltage. It was babied because it's gorgeous.
Still under a transferable warranty. In very good condition and I don't smoke or have pets so there won't be any sort of weird build-up. Very Clean.
Price: (includes shipping to continental US) Verified PayPal: $345


pics with ts username mebe

Gonna take my wife and kid out for ice cream and add more to the album with my username for in here

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Wow, I didn't even notice the date thing. I'm glad you pointed that out. Yeah, I always just use the same album in imgur when I post pictures of stuff I'm selling. Now that I know that It does that I'm going to delete the album when I get back and just start a new one. Thanks for pointing that out!

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Haha dw lol
Didn't want to across like too much of a douche

No man, you're good. Thank you for pointing out that date thing once again. I'm still kind of new when it comes to selling stuff on forums so I want to be as transparent as I can. I'll have to make a note though to be sure to have some paper that's not white for time stamps though. No matter what you do either the time stamp looks blown out and the image is correctly exposed or the time stamp looks okay and the image is under exposed.

Posted the new album btw.

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