[WTS] Dell M2800 i74810MQ,16gb RAM, AMD FirePro w4170m 2gb (700$/final markdown)

This is a Dell M2800 Mobile Precision, Bought Q4 2014. Used for my final year in highschool lightly, didn't do much video editing or GPU intensive tasks, mostly schoolwork. Taken care of very well, only one tiny scratch on the back of the laptop, which is documented in one of the pictures below. Only other flaw is the pointing nub was lost. Otherwise everything is functioning perfectly.


CPU: Intel i7 4810MQ
GPU: AMD FirePro W4170m with 2gb GDDR5
HDD: 500GB SSHD with 8GB SSD Cache
SCREEN: 1920x1080
OS: Windows 7 Pro
Battery is the 9 cell 97wHr, which is the larger option.

Charger is obviously included.
Starting at 1000$, but is negotiable. How we want to ship the product will be determined between the buyer and myself.

Very interested in this, im short on funds right now but are you looking for any system hardware? CPU, GPUS, etc? Trade plus some money to boot.