[WTS] Dell Insprion 3520 w/ i5 and 8 GB of RAM

Hello Everyone at Tek Syndicate,

I have recently found little use for this Dell 3520, so I am putting it up for sale. It has 8 GB of RAM (had 4 originally but i put another 4 in a while ago), also it has a i5-3210m processor @ 2.5 GHz. The laptop plays most moderate games at around 30 FPS like TF2, LOL, G-Mod, but it can't play some of the newer titles (Trust me I tried). In addition, it has a 500 GB Hard Drive, and Windows 8.1. For ports, it has a Ethernet port, VGA port, HDMI, 3 USB ports, Mic and headphone jack (two different ports), CD/DVD reader/writer. I am also including the battery, charging cable and some of the manuals i managed to scrounge up. If you are interested or have any questions about purchasing it or other hardware/software thingies just PM me through email. Here are the pictures of it: http://imgur.com/a/iweNx