WTS Custom Built Desktop WTS - best offer

Selling my computer about 1 year old, with accessories, includes mechanical keyboard / mouse / monitor

great components, listed below with what I paid, i understand prices have dropped for all of these, but its still a great computer that can handle anything with powerful gpu, 6 core i7, and SSD

Intel i7 4930k - 6 Core / 12 Thread processor - 550$
Asus X79 Deluxe Motherboard - 300$
Corsair H110 watercooler for cpu - 110$
Corsair 16GB RAM quad channel DDR3 Ram - 150$
Asus R9 290 Graphics Card - paid 500$ (although they are 350$ now)
Samsung 840 series 250 GB SSD - paid 200$ (Although these are 100$ now)
Corsair AX850 Power Supply - 150$
Corsair 750D Case - 150$
Windows 10 -100$ - will do a fresh install
Asus PB278q - 27 inch 2560*1440 monitor - 550$, 80% sharper than 1080p
Corsair K95 keyboard - 120$
Logitech g500 gaming mouse - 50

You didn't post a final price. Are you trying to get ACTUAL cost out of it? Because $2930 is the total for that. Even if we take your two exceptions into account that's still $2680.

I suggest you put a price of what you are looking to get, rather than a list of prices of what you paid.

Also, clean it up a bit before taking photos next time : )

did you not read best offer in the title? I put the prices of what I paid so people know it was near 3000$ and hopefully avoid 500$ offers.

I did, and it doesn't mean anything unless you lay down a ballpark. Telling people, "I paid $3k for this computer now make an offer," is much less effective than, "I'm looking to get $2,100 for all of it, but feel free to make offers."

Good luck on your sale.