(WTS) Custom Build Watercooled

Hi all, im selling my personal rig. Reason why i am selling it is because i need to buy a car. The pc is fully watercooled, and the graphics card is overclocked, not the cpu. This pc is my baby, and its about 4-5 months old. here are the specs:


CPU: intel core i7 4770k 
Ram: 16gb 4x4 (8gb gskill ripjaws(4x2)) (8gb patriot viper(4x2)) 
GPU: Nvidia geforce gtx 780 (EVGA) 
Motherboard: Asus maximus vi gene 
Storage: 2 250gb ssd's (samsng 840) (sandisk x110) and 1 500gb hdd (wd blue)
PSU: seasonic g750 (750 watts) 
Case: phanteks enthoo pro ( with a few mods) 

Water cooling parts: 
x1 xspc 360mm rad 
x1 xspc 280mm rad 
x1 xspc photon 270 rez 
x1 dyphoon silent pump 
x10 xspc low profile barb fittings 
x1 xspc raystorm CPU block 
x1 xspc RAZR graphics card block 
x2 xspc UV tubing 
x1 logysys UV cold cathode lighting kit 
x4 xspc water block led 
x3 bitfenix sceptre fans 
x2 xspc 140mm fans 
x1 corsair af140 fan 


if you want my graphics card OC settings you can post below and i will post my personal overclocks, but i will be resetting the settings to stock, unless specified by the buyer. I only take paypal, and no other forms of payment. im looking to get around 2000$ for the pc, but the price is flexible. Please post below if you have any questions.


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Are you willing to sell any parts by them self?

depending on the interest i get i might, i dont want to be left with a computer missing only the cpu. Would you be taking the waterblocks aswell? (assuming is the cpu or gpu you want)

I was interested in the cpu, are you selling any monitors also?


we will have to see about the cpu, it depends on interest as stated earlier. I will also be selling 3 asus vg248qe monitors, but that is only if the tower sells.

Oh well I would probably buy atleast one of those monitors because I have one now and I like it, I want dual monitors so yeah.

I'd be interested in:
-360 rad
-xspc cpu block (if mounting gear for am3+ included)
-10x fittings (only if 3/8 ID 5/8 OD)
-uv lighting kit

How much were you looking to get those parts for?

$5 for uv lighting kit
$35 for the block (if am3+ mounting included)

realized that i don't have enough room for a 360mm and i know longer need fittings, but i'm 100% interested in the block/lighting

Not to be mean, but the computer (without water cooling) is only ~$1700 brand new, with warranties.

The water cooling parts are aprox.

You can get the XSPC RX360 v3 kit for about $250 (with fans).

For used parts that will no longer have a warranty it seems too high. Electronics do not hold value, especially computer parts.

Interested in 360 rad, pump and reservoir.