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[WTS] Computers/parts for sale


i have 4 computers for sale
left to right:
hp 8300 with core i5 and 120GB ssd: $100 +shipping

core i3 4130 with coolermaster tx2 cooler in a himars case: $150 +shipping

has a NEW evga 450BT power supply, and yes the side acrylic is cracked.

AMD Fx4100 on a asrock 970 board . this board supports m.2 pci express drives (gen 2) and usb 3.1 gen2. and much more. processor overclocked to 4.6GHZ on 1st boot. i didnt test to see if its stable. i reset i to the nonOC settings. it has the stock amd FX cooler.

next is a phenom x4 at 2.8ghz on a asus sabertooth fx990 r1 board. this processor overclocks to 3.6GHZ, with minimal effort (stability not tested). the hot-swap bays are IDE.
reset to the nonOC settings. $50 +shipping

please ignore the lack of cable management. all of the above come with 4GB RAM and hard drives. all boot to windows 10 (not activated)
i am willing to sell the motherboard/cpu/ram/backplate (except the HP) but the price remains the same +shipping, except the corei3. $100 for the mobo/cpu/ram on it.
this might save a considerable amount on shipping. the fx4100 and phenom cases will be discarded if you dont want them.

next is a phenom x2 at 3.1GHZ on a biostar board w/onboard video. this processor will unlock to 4 cores stably (but not on this board, ran unlocked on the fx990 for years at stock speeds). it also will overclock, i dont know how much. comes with 2GB RAM. $25 no cooler for this one.

next is 2 processors :
amd athlon X3 and a sempron single core processor . the sempron does unlock to a athlon XII but didn’t appear stable on the biostar board (no surprise there) . it might be stable on a different board. as for the X3 ive not tried to unlock it. free, pay the shipping

the computers will ship regular usps , parts will ship usps priority mail. if you want other arrangements DM me for that.

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I always feel a little bad about destroying working parts, but I would love to make keyrings out of those two CPUs. I have made an Intel one and have a second one ready to drill, both old and useless but working. bought one for €2 and the other salvaged from a PC thrown in a skip.


pay the shipping and they are yours


I wonder how much shipping would be to Ireland?


probably far more than its worth, sorry. last thing i shipped (to thailand) was $50 (~37 GBP) for shipping. domestically it would of been around $5 (~3.7 GBP).


Pardon the slight derailment, but what about USPS First Class International? Looking at the price charts it looks like it would be $14.00 if the package is up to 8 ounces or $23.50 from 9 to 32 ounces to get to Ireland.


I really want that case with the drive cases but I know it won’t get used.


with addresspal it would be about €20, roughly estimated


the case with the ide drive cages or the himarrs with the cracked side panel?
the himarrs would make an excellent NAS device with its haswell core i3 …


The IDE one.


i can part it out. if you want just the drive cages ill toss them in if you buy the cpu/mobo/ram.
or maybe work something else out.
message me if your still interested .