[WTS] ASUS R9-270x Direct CU II (SOLD)

I just Recently Upgraded my GPU to a GTX 770 Classified so I'm Selling my Final R9-270x for $170

Card is in Excellent Condition (Comes with Crossfire Bridge, Molex Connectors, Driver Discs and Booklets,)

I'm Selling it on Amazon. Sorry its just much simpler for me.


Damn if only it didn't have 2x6 Pin connectors. My PSU only has one 6+2 Pin connector. I don't want to run a molex to 6-Pin either. I am pretty sure someone will buy that up quick at that price.

to be honest i put it up for sale on amazon about 2 days ago and nothing. i originally had a crossfire setup. i sold one of the R9 -270X cards a long time ago it sold in a couple of hours. this one is actually taking longer than expected =( and this price is me being generous cause i saw some builds on the forum and people were looking for an excellent gpu for the money. luckly i upgraded so this card will still have a future.

Do you think it will be safe to plug a 6-pin power connector into my Corsiar CX 430M into one of the 6-Pins for the peripherals or do you think I might run into issues with power delivery? it has 32A on the 12V rail.

I used a hd6780 on one of those no problem so I think it will be fine.

Okay, sounds reassuring, I am very interested in buying the 270X depending on my next pay check I will receive at the end of the month.

i just sold this right now sorry :(


That's cool. Glad you were able to sell it. I think I should Invest in a 1080P monitor first though.

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So lock.

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