[WTS] Aremis's internet garage sale

I’m still goitg through stuff here, but ai’m going to add more tonight. I just wanted to get this started before I went to work today.

Starting off with my beloved Phenom X4 955 BE (Can oc to 3.6ghz max), and 2 Core i7-870’s. They’re old, but good for servers or nas’. I’ve seen them used for both. Last known working condition. Used both i7’s for a brief time a few months ago, Phenom was in my main machine 2 or 3 years ago.

i7’s are 80 USD Each, or obo plus shipping.

[Sold]Phenom X4 is 30, obo, plus shipping.

Pm if interested. More posted tonight.

All processors Sold


Next up I have some dell PowerEdge servers. I’m keeping like one, and the rest are out the door. I have 1 R510, and 3 R610’s for sale here. Here’s the specs for each:


R510: Dual Xeon X5650 6 Core 12 Thread Proc’s
…24 GB Ram DDR3 ECC
…Dual Tested 750 Watt 80Plus redundant Power supplies
…Drive cages, but no drives.
Asking 350

R610 #1: Dual Xeon X5650 6 core 12 therad proc’s
…96GB Ram DDR3 ECC
…Dual Tested 750Watt 80 plus redundant PSU’s
…No drive cages, just blanks, no drives, but internal USB and SD slot.
…Has backplane, so you could ghetto rig it if you really wanted to.
Asking 400, mostly because of the ram

R610 #2: Same as number 1
Same price as #1

R610 #3: Mystery Amount of Ram. But other than that same as one and two.
Asking 300.

All machines work. Shipping will need to be negotiated. If interested specifically in the ram, I can separate the ram from the R610’s down to 64GB per each, but thats as far as I’ll go. We’ll negotiate price on that if someone just needs the ram.

More coming!

EDIT::: This listing is going to change: Ram will be setup at 16 GB per machine and they will be lowered in price with a 70 dollar addin for shipping and materials (with negotiation of course) because I have gotten requests for different ram amounts, which is fine. Whatever ram is left over I will either keep or sell or both. Edit coming later as I have 5 million things to do.



Next up, some 10 Gig Ethernet cards! Wao!

I literally have no use for these my house has coax and I’m a laptop lover. I’m not investing in moca anytime soon, and these are just filling up space and are worth money.

Each card is the same model, feel free to google. I have some 4 port 5GB ethernet cards too somewhere.

Best Offer plus shipping materials. I’ll pay shipping, I just don’t have very much closed cell foam.

Model is HP NC523SFP.


Next up, this is a cable meant to be used in certain dell optiplexes that have those dumbass tiny ATX power input slots. They still use them today, but I was using this with optiplex 970’s like a year or 2 ago.

8 bucks plus shipping.

Next up, DDR1 Ram. I got literally any OEM you want. Samsung, patriot, kingston, hynix, everything.

This box weighs like 8 pounds legit.

.50 cents USD per. 128MB all the way to 512, I have 4 1GB DIMM’s somewhere too.

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Next up, DDR2-5300U. I got this with some servers back a while ago, but I don’t remember if they’re ECC or not.

512 meg each, got six, asking 1 dollar shipped each.


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Next, 2GB DDR3-12800R. I… think this is registered? Google it I dunno.

I don’t even remember where it came from.

5 USD each. I have 7.


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Just ram that doesn’t have a home. The one hynix stick is an 8GB out of one of the R610’s, but it was just a random +1 in there.

All that are here are:

Hynix 8GB PC3-10600R - IDK what to price it
Corsair XMS3-1333 DDR3 2GB Whatever: 8 Bucks USD
2X Samsung PC2-3200U 512mb: 1 dollar USD
Hyyyyyynix? PC2-4200U 512mb: 1 dollar USD

Some 3DConnexion thingamajigs. These are apparently used for cad, but fuck me if the drivers really don’t like my computer.

They work, dunno what to price them. I’m feeling like a solid 20 for the little knob and like 45 for the trackball. USD.

Space Navigator (Knob) has been SOLD.

Got a model # on the little knob?

I really have no idea.

Its a 3D Navigator. Its like… from 2011? Seems they sell for 40. I’ll keep the 20 price tho.

Or space navigator. Something like that.

I’m 80% there, when you say drivers hate your computer, what computer is it? Presumably it’s Linux right?

Yeah its linux. They work on my mac and windows machines fine, but linux not so much lol.

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With these sales tonight, I’m able to buy farm supplies! Like horse bedding and feed! Thank you, guys.


@oldgek anything interesting?

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Sure, if I had the free cash for for those servers I’d grab em in no time, but alas :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with the sales.


Well you liked the ram apparently. So thats a thing.

I like RAM in general, so there’s that. :slight_smile: I have no need for older RAM though. Not really in need of new one either.

I feel like shipping to Ukraine would be a bit expensive, no?

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