WTS any of these (or) all of these

hey there i have these parts to sell......... these are about 2 months old, so warranty is covered  

1) fx 8320............140$

2)asrock 970 extreme 3 r2.0.........90$

3)hyper 212 evo...........25$

4)corsair 200r ........$35%

5) asus pce n15 wireless adapter .....25$


i live in vancouver, Canada and if u are willing to pay for the shipping can ship it to u.... :D



follow these links for some pics.... :D





Are these prices in Canadian or US dollars?

I see no mods have said anything yet so I'll just tell you for them, you need pictures of all items you want to sell with your username in the picture, write it on a note card or something.

these are all canadian prices!

oh wow ill post it asap then ! thanks for the heads up

Id be interested in the 8320 but I live in Hawaii at the moment so shipping may be kind of a bitch. Id also like to know if it comes with the stock hsf and box etc. since id have to deal with shipping it that far the highest I can comfortably go on price is $95 USD though. If that's too low then no worries but I can't justify any higher for it since its $144 on amazon and free shipping.

yes it does come with stock heat sink, hawaii im not sure if i can ship it there unless if u are willing to take rise of the shipping and handling! and 144 usd to cad is 180$ so after paying for taxes and stuff it will be about 210$ for u 

It's a pain to live down here trust me lol. It all depends if your willing to negotiate the price a bit but at the same time I don't want to make a bad deal for you or myself. As the above post says, this processor is on amazon for $144 and that's free shipping.

yeah i get it, well heres the thing if i convert my prices into USD im selling my processor for 112.50$ which is cheaper than amazons 144$ and interms of shipping it might be free but you'll be paying taxes so 144+taxes = 154 ish $

Since its an online retailer I don't get taxed on amazon, never have and orders over $135 ship free unless the buyer wants to expedite it. I already checked the conversion rate and i'm aware of the difference. With shipping if it comes in at $143 or below i'd be willing to do it. 

oh wow that seems nice, but here i have to pay taxes even for online retailer about 12% tax and i'll be honest if u live in Canada or close to Seattle its pretty good deal and for everyone else i'd say perhaps not worth it!

*oh but theres one advantage buying from me i already know the max clock speeds and max clock speeds on stock voltage :P 

*on a 970 motherboard, but perhaps u can clock it higher than my results on a 990fx board :D

I checked shipping and its $48 on the low end but could be as high as $78 for 5x5x5 2lb package. I hope someone closer takes a serious look at it because its a great all around chip for the money. I have one and I don't have any complaints. 

well im trying to sell all of these components so that i can build one high end gaming PC! :D