[WTS] AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X

Edit: New price is 3150 USD.

I’m selling a near-new (one week of use) AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X (64 cores, 128 threads, 256 MB of L3 cache).

Price on Newegg (new): $4,063
My price: $3599 (Edit: 3150 USD)

I’m happy to ship worldwide but shipping costs will be yours to pay.

Hi @FranzB thank you for putting your product up for sale on our forum.

However we have a rule in regards that, there has to be a picture of the product,
with your username and date writen on a piece or paper visible in the picture.
Just for legitimate verification.

please check here for further reference.:

So we highly appreciate that you would add an additional picture,
that meats our BST rule criteria.

Grtz Angel.

Apologies, I did check the rules but I missed this one. Amended my original post. Thanks!

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Thanks no problem :slight_smile:

The price of the part (new) went down. I’m lowering my price to 3150 USD.

I’ll trade you a running working pickup truck.


I know it is too late. Is it still available?