[WTS] AMD RX 580 Pulse with 8GB by Sapphire [$125]

Hey guys, I’m selling my Sapphire Pulse RX 580. I purchased it in June of this year and I used it for gaming. I played a bit of DOOM 2016 and Witcher 3. I’m selling because I’m broke and haven’t been gaming much lately anyway.

This card is currently selling for $184.99 - $197.99 on Amazon. Since mine is obviously used, I think $125 sounds like a fair price, but I will accept the best offer.

Shipping from Salt Lake City, UT


  • Sapphire is, I believe, still currently the OEM manufacturer of AMD GPUs such as the Radeon Pro & Fire Pro series.

  • 8GBs of VRAM

  • Has not been used to mine cryptocurrency, only used for gaming.

  • Relatively quiet. The fans seem to kick off when idle, although I haven’t confirmed.

  • Only requires 6-pin PCIe

  • Excellent performance for the price.


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Oooo 2 HDMI ports nice

If no one snags this by Tuesday, I am definitely down to purchase this!

As much as I want to. I got to show some restraint an put that money towards future bills.


Very nice but you do realize that it would go FASTER if the GPU had RGB :stuck_out_tongue:

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Taking best offers

Location might help so people can have a rough idea of Shipping good deal tho glws

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The 580 has been sold. Thread can now be locked.

Closed at the request of OP.