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[WTS] A little bit of everything (updated 10 Sep 2019)

I may add stuff to this thread when I find it!

MSI C236A Workstation, Intel E3 1230 V5, and 2x8 GB Crucial ECC UDIMM - $275
Will not part this out, thanks! Have the original motherboard box.

Realforce RGB - $175
Made in Japan! Topre switches! Keycaps are from WASD. Have the original box.

EVGA GTX 460 - $20
It’s also EVGA.

TP Link Archer T8E - $30
AC1750, faster than my internal gigabit network.

EVGA Torq X5L - $15
New in box.

Items are located in Maine, USA.
Shipping is not included.

Sold items go here

AMD Radeon VII - $500

EVGA GTX 980 Ti ACX 2.0 - $130
It’s EVGA.


Interested in wireless card, but atm no finances.

As long as an item is not marked SOLD it is still available, so feel free to check back if you get the funds and are still interested.

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So wish I had the money for that GTX 460! I collect all the reference design ones I can find! It was an awesome card!. Sadly I am poor again.

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If that 980 Ti is not sold by Tuesday I am definitely down to purchase it.

Is the Torq from LanSyndicate?

Nope, it’s from EVGA.


Added a Radeon VII to the top and adjusted some prices.


Did you know you can mark BST threads as “solved” now?


Today’s Leaf forecast is Peak Leaf!


I forgot to post a picture of Peak Leaf


My furnace is dying and I can’t afford to fix it right now, so in an effort to have money to have heat this winter I have dropped some prices significantly.

This will probably be the last price drop for a long time.

People can also make offers. I’m surprised so few people make them on this forum.

I can’t be mad at your hustle. I just have no need for anything. I had been eyeing the VII but house decided to break and stuff. Home ownership is such a money pit.

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Yeah, I wasn’t really hurting to sell anything until the furnace yesterday morning. Now the budget is even tighter than before.

Sad part is I got the sellers of my house to take off $5000 because of the furnace’s age, but that all had to go to fixing other stuff that the sellers hid and the inspection didn’t catch.

I feel you. I am in the same boat. I am getting close to the price of getting a brand new stick built house with the additional monies that I have had to put into this place. But, things are looking up. The wife wants to spend 25K on a kitchen remodel. The Kitchen layout sucks, but that would firmly put us into new house starting price in out area. I keep telling her, this is not the dream house, this is an investment property. It is our first house.

I guess crank the fans to 100 and start up [email protected] until you can get it fixed
Wish you luck

In the spirit of the season (lol) let’s have some deals.

  • Xeon/Motherboard/RAM combo - $225
  • 980 Ti - $100
  • GTX 460 - $15
  • T8E - $20
  • Mouse - $10

Valid until 2 December 2019 at 23:59:59 EST.