[WTS]: A few R9 270s

This post was necro'd by the forum update, information was rolled back 2 weeks and the administrative lock was removed.

There are no cards left for sale, all sales were finished in January.

Admins please lock this post.


I might take that mobo, PM me for paypal?

I'd like to discuss over those R9 270's

Whats left?


Everything listed is still available. I've been leaving these aside to see if any interest builds up.

What is the reason for selling? Are they used? How do you have so many r9 270's? Will you ship to the UK?

where do you ship from?

The reason I'm selling is because I have a lot. Yes they are all used. I got all these from simply trading hardware, some were used for mining. I will ship to the UK, but you must be willing to cover some of the cost of shipping. 

Most of this info is in the post.

Seattle, Washington, USA.

Thank you very much, just wondering do you have an estimation of how much shipping would cost to the uk?

and one last question, How long have the cards been mining for? 

Last I checked shipping at it's cheapest to the UK was around $80, or 50 pounds. I really didn't expect much overseas interest so I haven't checked recently. I'll do so in a bit and get back to you on that...

The cards were used for about 8-10 months from what I was told. They were never overclocked and were moderated to run at higher fan speeds to reduce overheating. I've tested all the cards and I can attest they are all in perfect order, no artifacting or memory errors.

Those as rock boards go for $60 brand new. Would you go lower?

Sorry just noticed these are 990FX Mobos. I'd probably take one of your hands.

Do you still have anything left?

I'm interested in a mobo and HIS card

can anyone report back this is legit?

Interested in a couple of R9 270's

Don't think he has sold to anyone yet.

I just got one of the mobos seems legit. Hasn't come in the mail yet though.

For anyone looking at this and wondering why I'm not answering these messages, it's because these people sent PMs, which I am replying to.