[WTS]10Gig dual port Fiber Cards

Intel 10GBE AD DA 2 port server adapter. With out SFP's.

$180  each (have two)

only ship to the us. 
These where removed working HP servers.

I pulled these from hp servers used for VMware for two years.

Ended up needing the one usable PCI Express slot for a raid card.

These cards went right into anti static bags and have not been touched since. 


not looking to buy right now, but I was wondering if you could setup these two on  a computer that runs edits for video, and using the 10gig cards (one in the editing rig) and the other in a nas-type of computer. 

I don't see why not. could just direct connect too with out a switch. They where used on vmware hosts to connect to the datastore where all storage for guest OS's was. 

Yes you can directly connect them. Linus did it a few years ago.


See around 2:20

Will sell both for 200 shipped.
here are some cleaner pictures.
Both pulled from HP DL160 G6 that where in a clean Datacenter all their life.