[WTS] 1.6TB FuzeDrive SSD for sale at original price


My name is Siddhant Shrivastav. I’m looking to sell my 1.6TB FuzeDrive for it’s original price of $249 + $10 I paid for shipping. Kindly find the pictures of transaction, shipping address and delivered box below. I myself am based in India and the SSD is in storage at a mail forwarding service in California hence why the packaging remains unopened and I haven’t been able to upload pictures of the SSD itself.
I’d kindly request the moderators to let me know if any other details will be required as I don’t want to create any postings in violation of forum rules.


Dude, don’t dox yourself. Please remove the first photo asap.



Need to post pictures with your username and date

And it must be the actual item, not a brown cardboard box.

I appreciate you showing the unopened package, but I have no way of knowing what is inside.

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Sure. I’ll have the pictures uploaded by Monday.

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Until the thread meets sale requirements, we cannot allow the sale to remain open. I will close this thread until such a time that you have the images required. At which time, feel free to send a private message to anyone on the moderation team (or everyone with @moderators) and we can reopen the thread.

Thank you for your understanding.