Is Nintendo really this desperate?

Edit: added link to video

I cant see the video :/ but i gess you are onabout there Nintendo 2DS cheese wedge?

Looks like a door stop.

so... wait, this is real?

i mean i understand it's cheaper and comes without the gimmic that many people weren't using, but... really, the testers let that through

Yes its real its a 3ds without 3d and it dosent close (it will still play 3ds games ..but not in 3d?)

Yea I couldn't believe it either had to research it more thoroughly. Seems like it's real...

How to get a 2DS!

I stopped with the console crap in 2008 because it was getting ridiculous. I am glad I made that decision.

Actually it wasn't crap, I really enjoyed the wii for a while (though I got bored, same with my first gameboy advance and gamecube, and later DSlite). As a consolation, I at least bought them secondhand so I didn't "give" nintendo my money. I don't regret them though as they've been great fun and I've discovered some really good old games.

I don't care, Nintendo is a joke of a company. They called the next gen console launch titles meh when they have none and the ones they will have will be the same crap we've seem for 30 years, mario and zelda. Nintendo games are games for kids with the very simple save the princess stories, horrible plots, almost no multiplayer, horrible online support, cartoony graphics and simple gameplay. They could go out of business and I wouldn't care.

After the release of the N64 is when I personally think Nintendo lost sight of what real games were. Sure you had a few really good games on N64 but the rest were terrible and didn't utilize the hardware properly. They started a downward spiraling slope of shit games and content rehashes of games that have been out for 30 years, as you pointed out. On top of all that they are greedy enough to steal Let's Play ad revenue from the people who actually like the games they make. My personal opinion, Nintendo needs to die in a fire of molten silicon along with all the shit they have produced over the last 10 years.


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