Wtf nominet

This is just a bit of a rant than anything else. But wtf. Did anyone else get some stupid email requesting proof of your existence in order to keep your *.uk domain?

Heres a summary.

I received an email from my domain provider (gandi, decent company), acting as a third party to nominet requiring me to send ID and proof of residency in 30 days or my domains will be suspended and ill not be able to use .uk domains again until i prove i exist.

Doesnt sound to terrible (except that none of there policies say this). But i have a number of problems with this. First why isn't nominet doing this themselves? thats what they used to do.

Your information is supposed to be sufficient enough that they are able to contact you, thats what it says on their site. Well mine is, and they can contact me. But aren't..

My second big problem is they effectively want me to send a copy of my passport and address though insecure email to a third party who has not indicated what they will do with the information, who will I assume at some point send this to nominet who _also_ have not said what they do with this information.

Theres no mention of retention, use, handling, or destruction of this type of PII.

Anyone whos had spam might be thinking, "hey isnt that what those Nigerian princes ask for?" Exactly! They ask for your address and other PII like passport or drivers license etc.

So sure nominet, ill just send copies of my passport though email to someone who might send it to you then just keep it there in there email to be stolen.  SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT IDEA!

Why cant they just send me a letter... If I reply, i exist.