WTF? ISP shows im in a city 300km away

My IP address all of a sudden seems to be associated with a city more than 300km from me.....
It's increased my latency and is quite noticible
Google Maps

all of these services show that im located in Ottawa even though im in Toronto

I've already done a factory reset on my Netgear R7000 and powercycled the modem and router a few times but my internet still seems to be routed through Ottawa

I'm not too knowledgeable about this but it sounds like your isp has you configured to go through their Ottawa servers instead of a local one. Try contacting them and asking.

Geo IP; the myth of the internet that the "service" providers that provide the databases actually can reliably tell where a IP address is.

So the services you utilize to check where your IP is are prone to fail, sometimes they are fairly accurate often they are not.

I assume, you ISP currently has you a IP assigned that the services have assigned Ottawa as its physical location, nonetheless its unlikely that you are, actually routed through otawa.

What might increase your latency is that the services you try to access are relying on that false date of where you are to assign you to closer servers, which now are further away.


your ISP may have made a mistake with their border gateway protocol. basically telling your traffic to head to ottawa.

do check your routes to verify that your packets are heading out to ottawa, otherwise its more likely that you have a new ip that is geographically registered to ottawa yet given to you.


I don't see a problem with this personaly

Unless so bad you can't play games on it

Unlikely, as the routs can and should be semi random. Even if, your traffic is routed through Asia (can happen) the geolocation will still show you where ever the service used believes that you are.

btw. nice necro - 7 months, thats a good one ;-)

i hope thats not happening, some poor town with an extra 50ms :-(

also, thanks

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