Wtf is with amd gpu prices!

sorry if i seem a bit enraged, but i have been looking to build my own pc for about 5 months or so. finally overcoming financial issues i went to look back at amds cards. come to notice that the r9 290 is $530... the r9 280x is $400.... the 7970ghz is $479. WHY ARE THEY JACKING UP THEIR PRICES SO TREMENDOUSLY!!! it really pisses me off how they can just do that. is it amd or the retailers that sell them? because im just about to go buy one off of ebay or a pc hardware store. anyone else feel my rage? know why they are doing this? know if it will stop? comment below.

Pretty sure it is the retailers.

Its not them its the demand.  People want them for gaming and mining.  There is not enough to go around so the 270x, 280x and 290/290x are really expensive/out of stock.  Even the Nvidia prices are taking a hit I have noticed.

It's mostly because of Crypto-currency mining which is putting them in huge demand.

yep. the altcoin craze is really pumping up demand for AMD cards. it's supply and demand.

not so true here in the UK for a change found and bought just a few moments ago this.


at £224. its a steal to go with my windforce 7970 plus its tax deductable through my business and i get 20% back from the V.A.T so like just shy of £45 off that price so £179 for the card


so $368

but without VAT


in my country the r9 290x is almost 780$  :(  and the nvidia titan is almost 1500$  !!!!

hey mate.


I ordered this on the 3rd of Jan, and they still can't confirm when they will have them in stock or when it will be delivered.


I have 3 new monitors sitting in their boxes and I can't wait to get the new GPU to run them.


To that point, I'm now looking at more expensive 280x (£282) or the GTX 770 (£270).



Don't abuse graphics cards.

What's really sad is that I could sell my HD 6950 for around $50 less than what I paid for it 3 years ago. looks like a good deal

I'm actually wondering if PC gaming maybe on the rise that is creating this shortage. I'm starting to notice prices rising on NVidia cards too but not too much. Consider the rapid increase in Steam users last year and the lackluster features of the Xbone and PS4. Though of course I am just speculating. 

no, its doggy coins and all the other coins.

i died on the inside a little bit.

Now kiss.

god damn miners... 900$ for a r9 290x is bull , AMD should regulate this !

 the MARS GTX 760 Dual GPU has the same price as GeForce GTX780 Ti at 1000$  :(

for all seriousness has some decent prices

I've been forced to use a a gt520 while I wait for the price on the 280x to go back down.