WTF is this? (Incoherent Rage)

Holy balls. This is gonna be bad.....Gaben will not be pleased...if it's even real.

Games for Windows Live sucked and failed once already. It will again.

I really don't like where MS has been heading with Windows since Win8 and I'm certainly not happy about their future plans.

I like that windows 10 is implementing elements that were liked in 7, but beyond that I have no idea what the hell Microsoft is doing and/or thinking. People get consoles to be console people not computer people I fail to understand how they think this will succeed.

This is even worse. It's from what I understand, a streaming app. Where you stream from the Xbox One to the PC...................................................................................That is the dumbest damn thing I have ever seen.

Steam practically prints money for Valve so I have no clue what they hell Microsoft is thinking with this. Apparently Microsoft thinks PC Gamers are just as retarded as their Xbox One base.....They got another thing coming.

That's one aspect. Recording your gameplay another one.

I doubt that the whole "we bring it all under one roof" scheme will work. I have no idea why anyone would want to stream XBOne games to their PC. Just a desperate attempt to make the XBOne more interesting.

And I have no idea how they will let XBOne and PC users play together, crossplatform. They either introduce a fee for PC users or have to cancel the whole "you have to pay to play online with XBox Live" crap. If not, then they will lose XBOne players to the PC community.

Wow.... "Stream to your PC"...... STREAM TO PC..... Stream... From Xbox.... To Pc. What? I have no words, its just the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Like, your PC is insanely more powerful and you are going to use XBOne hardware???? People don't even need to boycott this. Its never going to take off. Wow... this is ridiculous

Just ignore it, it will go away

Here is the real kicker: Can the Xbone EVEN stream to PC? Can it even handle that workload? It talks about playing MP games on the console WHILE sharing via the PC. If the XBone can only do 900p, what makes them think they can push 1080p+ on the PC?

That makes it even more so a useless feature. What could be the benefit of streaming your XBox to your PC? If one has a PC with very limited performance, why would one want to stream to it?

If the only benefit would be that you'll be able to play with a mouse and keyboard than that's just an inconvenient way.

Performance issue aside, so this means one can play Xbox exclusives with PC? Or you'll just have to be on Xbox Live for this to work? (Monthly fees and other nonsense)


It's streaming. You'll need an XBOne to stream the games, regardless of where you're streaming it to (phone, tablet, PC).

Well... In a sense it still counts. But seriously Xbone streams to PC? That just sounds so wrong... How the hell are you not going to suffer in performance? 

For sure, seems completely useless. And from what I've heard they force you to play XBO games with a gamepad even if you're on the PC, so you can't even use your own peripherals! What the actual fuck are they thinking? Oh, right, they want to force everybody into the online monthly fee shit.

Just you watch, they're going to try to cram people into paying for XBL just to play on the PC. If they go anywhere near any kind of monthly/yearly fee for online gaming or even just using Windows I'll finally have an unavoidable reason to switch to Linux.

exactly! people dont seem to grasp the fact that the XBone can't seem to do 1080p 60fps games on its own. Plus, think of the gamers with 1080p and 1440p screens. The XBOne is the renderer just like Steam in home streaming on the PC. The PC would be the renderer in the PC --> console method. Vice versa, the Console is the renderer in Console --> PC streaming.

I guess Microsoft is trying to shut PC gamers up for Halo release.

The only way I can think of this streaming without performance hit is by somehow, offload all the rendering work to the PC, xbox streams the game information to it, let the PC renders. I may be wrong here though...

So, the XBOne would basically just act as a wireless optical drive?

I still don't see what the advantage of this could be. Where's the benefit of streaming from a console to a PC? There's already Game-DVR and Twitch for sharing.


I don't want to play games with console gamers.  It'll just be an absolute noob fest with campers everywhere.

Same concept as streaming to sheild.  Except with sheild you can sit on the toilet and play,  not going to be able to do that with a shitty laptop.

But I suppose it will benefit those who want to play their xbox one games on their crappy laptops.  You know console in the lounge and lazy gamer in bed.

Well, the one good thing from Windows 10 is DX12... probably. That hasn't really been updated since Win 7.

Also, I wonder if "cross-platform" multiplayer only counts when you're streaming from your xbone to your pc. Because... well you're playing on a PC but the console is the one doing the actual interfacing with servers and other players. So... cross-console?