Wtf is a striker 760 4gb?

ROG Striker 760So I was on the Asus ROG website for reasons and something caught my eye, a GTX 760 but with ROG branding so I investigated further and it turns out to be a sexy version of the matrix but for the GTX 760. It has 4GB of GDDR5 and one of their most aggressive heatsink designs yet. Show me your thoughts in the comments and let me know what this could bring to the table. ROG - STRIKER-GTX760-P-4GD5

You know, a link and some pictures would have been nice... Just constructive criticism and a suggestion. 

Sorry I was tired and really wanted to go to bed but the link won't work 90% of the time but I do have pics.

IMO it's a little ugly. I'm not too partial to the "flashy" graphics cards, but I'm more interested in performance anyways.

Looks like its a 760 with ROG back plate for added rigidity. It has a better cooling solution with a vapor barrier, so you might be able to push this card a little harder in terms of overclocking. The added vram is nice, but at this performance level, not entirely necessary. If you're running really high res and detailed textures, it doesn't hurt to have more vram.

As with other ROG branded components, its really up to you to decide if the added features justifies the price premium you pay for something like this over say, a regular DCUII GTX760.

4gbs on a 760? what a waste, not enough power to run all that ram efficiently.

It has enough power to use the ram efficiently, but that's not the issue. If you're running triple monitors at 1440, then it very well could use more than 2GB vram, even at this performance level. A single 1080 or 1440 monitor, not so much.