[WTB] video game consoles/games/accesories

I am looking for a snes mini, sega cd, nintendo 64 dd(disk drive), dreamcast, gamecube(with digital output), Sega master system, sega saturn. I also am in interested in purchasing consoles/games/accessories for consoles from 1983-2015 excluding ps1,2,3. Thanks.

I might be able to help you out with a couple. I've got the game cube with digital out but not the digital out cable itself though I have the rest of the cables and some games and memory card. I've got the sega 32x but I don't think I have any of the cables or even controllers I'd have to look into it. I remember having the sega cd but I don't think I still have it though I might have the SNES mini if it's the one I'm thinking of though the power cable is a bit dodgy / worn down.

As for games on each I have a few. PM me with any questions or offers and I can get back with pictures.

ive got a PS2 with multiple memory cards controllers and most maybe all of the wire not sure and at least 50 games

Thank you for the post! But I am not interested in ps2/ps1/ps3 right now. Thank you anyways.

I've got a snes and it's as good as yours depending on shipping and price range.

Been a while since I've been on here, but definitely interested in a SNES if OP isn't! I have a bunch of games to play and no console. Can post pictures of them for proof if you want!

Is the snes a mini? HIGHLY INTERESTED...mini:

bump.....I need a NES anyone have one willing to let it go?

Bump......looking for same stuff still....but am primarily looking for Sega Saturn(everything) and GameCube wavebird receivers(need 4), sega dreamcast sports edition(black), dreamcast black and green controllers, sega cdx, gameboy sp NES EDITION