I am looking to buy a used AM3+ CPU cheep. I recently found the first PC I ever bought (E machines 533 mhz etower ) in the garage and I thought it would be fun to rebuild it (Well use the case.) I wont be using this PC for a lot this build is mostly for fun but I may use it for video capture and or as some type of server. I also wan to use all used parts in this rebuild and to see just how cheaply I can do it and still have something resembling a modern PC. So, If you have an AMD FX something laying around gathering dust or are thinking about upgrading let me know.

Just go on craigs list. You can probably find a motherboard and CPU for $20ish. Maybe less.

Any FX chip you put in that machine is probably going to fry lol

I don't think it was designed for 100W TDPs

lol it will be fine. I have a plan...

I mean I can get them on ebay too. I thought someone here may be looking for a good home for some old gear.

Why would you want to go to the hassle and expense of shipping? You said as cheap as possible, which means finding someone local on craigs list and meeting in a dark alley to do your transaction.

Ya go local for sure, anyone here with a spare FX chip is probably running a server from it

Although 990FX does give you plenty of PCI-e lanes for capture cards


Codenamed RD990
Four physical PCIe 2.0 ×16 slots @ x8 electrical which can be combined to create two PCIe 2.0×16 slots @ x16 electrical, one PCIe 2.0×4 slot and two PCIe 2.0×1 slots, the chipset provides a total of 38 PCIe 2.0 lanes and 4 PCIe 2.0 for A-Link Express III solely in the Northbridge
HyperTransport 3.0 up to 2600 MHz and PCI Express 2.0
ATI CrossFireX supporting up to four graphics cards
19.6 Watt TDP
Southbridge: SB950
Enthusiast discrete multi-graphics segment

just checked no one in my area is selling any FX chips just one guy selling a few mobos and not in the form factor i need

If it's micro ATX you're looking for AM3+ boards and micro ATX don't mix, there's only one half decent board from ASrock, you want as much power delivery as you can get for stability

Yea I have had an asrock mobo in micro atx in the past it was fine. I stepped up to a full ATX and donated the old board a decision I now regret.

I'd just hold onto that money for Ryzen man, supposed to launch next month maybe

Oh I am going to do that too I have been hoarding gift cards for that

If you have a Microcenter nearby you could pick up an 8320e and a cheap MB for around 95 bucks.
Stock cooler is just fine for BCLK overclocking