[WTB] [UK] CPU cooler

Looking for a nice CPU cooler for my 4790k.
Particularly the following three:

  • NH-D14
  • NH-D15
  • Cryorig R1 Universal

although I'm open to others of similar performance.

If you want an air-cooler for more quiet operation then I would go with either the NH-D15 (I have it, it's great) or the Cryorig R1.
If you're not opposed to the idea of having an AIO in your PC then maybe the Kraken X61, H110i GT (I would probably go Kraken X61)

lol, I'm looking for offers. Not buying advice. Hence "WTB" being in the title and it being in the b/s/t section... durr!

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Sorry thought I was in the hardware section. Good luck finding one. If you were in the US I could hook you up with a d14. Im sure there is someone looking to part with one.