[WTB] SSD 128gb

looking to buy an SSD for a laptop i'm about to purchase, I need it fairly cheap. If you can show me a picture of a crystal disk benchmark or something showing it's in good shape I'll be persuaded to offer higher for it. The newer the better etc etc. Just show me what you have i'll make offers accordingly.
If you have a 256gb I might be interested but it'll have to be a really good deal.

What are you looking to pay?

$40 give or take a bit. depends on what kind of ssd it is, how old it is etc.
I'll pay as high as $50 dollars if it's a Samsung 850 Pro but i'll only pay like $30 if it's a kingston ssd now and you didn't have crystal disk proof it's in good shape.

Whats a good deal for a 256gb ssd to you?

65-70 bucks.

Would you be interested in a 240gb?

What model is it?

OCZ vertex 2.

Oh wow that's hella old, it's only SATA 2 and specs aren't that great... I'm sorry but i'm not interested

Fair enough.

It's a bit above $70 but someone's selling an 850 Pro for $75 with 256gb

yeah i just saw that i offered him 70 we'll see if he's interested.
Thanks, by the way.

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