[WTB] Sell me Bitcoin

I'm making this thread because I need to buy bitcoin for my VPS and It has been a pain in the ass to get an exchange set up that accepts USD.

If anyone would like to unload some coin I'm looking for about $20-40 worth.

If anyone else would like to trade $$$ for coin or vice versa you're also more than welcome to post as a comment that way things stay organized.

Just use an exchange.

I need them now and I've been waiting 3 days for the exchange.

A lack of planning on your behalf...

So, what kind of drugs are you buying off of alphabay?



8 oz. of sweet Mexican black-tar heroin.

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did you get it? i can send some if you have an bitcoin address. i can accept via paypal

lol It's super late. I've gotten it taken care of.

Good then i will lock this topic.