[WTB] Samsung B-die DDR4

Probably a long shot, but seeking a not-gouged B-die 16GB kit for a 2400G SFF build.

I haven’t bought a motherboard yet, first checking with local shops to see if anyone can flash the relevant BIOS for a few bucks, so I don’t have a QVL to work with yet either, but it’ll be a mITX board, either MSI, Gigabyte or Asrock (leaning towards the MSI B350i Pro AC but it’s not available anywhere yet).

Open to reasonable prices, or even an 8GB (2x4) kit to get up and running.

As an aside, I know a B-die list was making its way around the interwebz a while ago, anyone got a link?

I thought the motherboard manufactures fixed the problem with needing Samsung B-die ram for your Ryzen systems.

Well it shouldn’t be needed per se, but some of the reviews that went up yesterday pointed out issues with some kits still, and RR isn’t Zen+, as well as being new in the wild I just want to try and guarantee I can hit 3200MHz without making multiple returns in the attempt.

But man, $250 for a FlareX 16GB kit is… too much.