WTB: R9 270/X or GTX 760/660/750

Looking to buy the cards in the title name. I'm trying to use this card in my first ever build but I can't find it online so I thought I might try here :).

I have a new (sealed box) XFX 7870 Ghz edition if you're interested, which is the EXACT same card as the 270x. PM/ Email me if you're interested. 

I have an Asus Dcu2 270x, it's been used for gaming, but no mining and is still under warranty. 

How much for your card?

I was hoping for $250

I just ordered a new card, and am looking to unload my ASUS R9 270 (Direct CU II cooler)

I bought it on Jan. 19, 2014. It's been used for light-moderate gaming only. Still have the box/manual/etc.

How much for your card?

I have two msi gtx 660 2gb twin frozr if you're interested?

That card is only 249.99 BRAND NEW at my local retailer. Trying to get in on the gouging? Poor form. 

I'd let it go to a fellow Tek Syndicate member for $170 + shipping (usps priority mail preferred, flat-rate just makes things easier).

For reference the SKU is: ASUS R9270-DC2OC-2GD5

Can you send me pics of the card and are the accessories/box included? So no previous overclocking?

How much for both cards? And how old are they.


Nope i never overclocked it. It's been running at stock speeds since the day I installed it and still is.

It's in my system right now, my new card will be here on Tuesday (maybe Monday, sometimes UPS shows up early). As soon as I install the new one I can take all the pics you want (I was going to anyway). How do you want me to get them to you? You can hit me up on twitter if you want @stryk187 or reply in this thread I'll check it a couple times each day.

Thanks for the reply, id really love some pictures of the card along with the box /accessories. How much would you sell it for if you send it by UPS ground?

Hahahaha I got a powercolor R9 270x devil edition which is the highest pre overclock and only paid $229.99.  I was lucky i got it a week before this bit mining crap.

Same price. $170 + whatever shipping costs are.

Amazon lists the shipping weight as 1.9 pounds (UPS will most likely round that up to 2.0lbs). you can calculate costs at www.ups.com for shipping from: enter zip 46201 for indianapolis

I've no idea where you're at, but I just used shipping to 90210 as a test gauge for sending to California and it looks like UPS ground shipping from indianapolis -> L.A. would be around $11.60 and 4 business days in transit. I assume more if you want insurance. That's one reason why I like USPS flat-rate Priority, they give you $50 insurance included in the base cost, and higher insured values are only a few dollars more.

I'll get some pics taken as soon as my new 770 gets here, hopefully by Tuesday night I'll have it and can swap it into my rig.

I have a gtx 660 EVGA superclocked edition, bought it new from newegg and never overclocked. no problems with it.  Ill sell it for 120$ plus shipping?