[WTB] PS Vita (shameful, I know...)

I never believed I would see the day where I actually really want a Vita....
I found a game series exclusive to the Vita that I really want to play, not to mention the Vita has a ton of nostalgia titles like the HD collections of a bunch of PS2 games....sooooo, I guess I really want a Vita now. I'm trying to see if anyone has it for less than I have found on Craigslist and Ebay (around $110 - or if I am lucky, $100)

Let me know :)
Oh, and, I won't get paid until Monday, so if you are quick to reply to this (which, I don't think will happen) then you may need to wait a little before shipping the product my way.

Please include the condition it is in, and pictures if you can.
Thank you! :D

PSVita is practically dead. If I had the money I would buy the PSVita for just one game which is Deemo in a heartbeat but my 'priorities' comes first.

Yeah, I figured now is a good time to hop on the non-existant Vita Bandwagon since it's dead, I had hoped there would be a substantial price drop...and well, actually $100 isn't that bad for one, but I'm a cheap bastard, and just like you, I have some other priorities, so saving some cash on one would be great. Plus there is the matter of buying the games I want (and I want to support the dev, so I will probably buy them new)

As a PC gamer there really isn't much to play on any console, but the Vita is great for serious on-the-go games. There's nothing like opening your bag and playing games like Don't Starve, Spelunky, Resogun, or Geometry Wars 3 without dealing with garbage touch screen controls. It's asking for way too much, but I wish they would port that XCOM iOS version to the Vita.

I found it as JRPG heaven and ps2 Nostalgia fuel.
Throughout the lifespan of the last generation of consoles, there sure was a lack of JRPGs, but NOW, Now I see where they were hiding.

Did I also mention all the ps2 nostalgia titles?

I've had a PS Vita since launch and I personally love it. The only problem with the system is lack of support from devs. Also, make sure you get the 2nd gen version, the 1st gen one I have has really fallen apart.

Oooh thanks for the tip